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Xamarin: Cross-platform mobile apps made (really) easy

I found out about Xamarin like one and a half months ago. I really liked it, and now I think that it is time to make a blog post about it. Xamarin is a platform for building cross-platform (or non-cross-platform) mobile apps easily, using C# and Mono. You can use any IDE for it, preferably Visual Studio 2015. Since Xamarin is owned by Microsoft, there is an option for installing Xamarin directly onto Visual Studio. Perfect!

Xamarin has a few branches; Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.WinPhone(UWP).  Each of them are for their corresponding platforms, but what is Xamarin.Forms? Xamarin.Forms is a branch of Xamarin, that allows you to write shared code for the UI. So, basically you write UI code for all platforms, but you may have to write extra code specifically for each platform.

Let’s get to the point. Xamarin, especially Forms, is INCREDIBLY flexible. You can basically do everything mobile in there (there are exceptions obviously, such as 3D physics games). There are many tools, views, layouts, pages, etc. You can see that just from the applications made using Forms.

But, if you don’t want cross-platform, or you want to harness the power of each platform specifically, there are always the platform specific ones. I mean, cross-platform isn’t always better.

I will be posting more posts on this topic, so stay tuned! (Maybe on Sunday if I don’t forget or play Half-Life 2 for eight hours, just maybe)

Featured image credit: TechCrunch