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Video games and education

Video games are thought to be the opposite of education, because it is thought that it kills time and brain cells, and has no useful feature at all. I call incorrect on this one, and I strongly believe otherwise.

So how can video games improve education? They already are, by enhancing problem solving capabilities. This has been proved in countless studies. Also, some games are built for education, and on education topics. Not only that, but good and fun games about education are doubly effective because it presents educational topics coated with video games. Maybe, popular games can be redone to fit educational needs!

But, one of the problems are that video game companies only care about the money, and since it would be hard to make a good game and incorporate it with education flawlessly. And hard things mean more cash lost to companies. The companies do not want that. And the small devs can’t do much on their own, so most games are really small, and sometimes bad quality. I guess this is a dead end.

I have run out of ideas on this topic, and I believe that it has potential. Maybe, if I have time, I will try to fix this on my own. But before that, I need to do some important things that will benefit me, maybe then I can start working on this topic. Who knows?

That is all for this blog post, stay tuned for my next post, because it will be on Sunday. Take care!

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