Hi. My name is Olcay Oransoy.

I am really interested in programming. I first started out with Ruby, and I made really small but useful programs. Then, when I decided that I had enough knowledge of Ruby, I moved on to Ruby on Rails. I took lots of online courses about Ruby on Rails, but I kept having problems, and eventually I couldn’t keep up with all of the bugs, so I gave up. (I gave up really easily at the time.) But, I didn’t give up on programming. I constantly wanted to learn something new. So I thought back to what drove me to learn programming. I had started programming because I wanted to make games. So, I researched about game development and found out about Unity. I loved it! I loved that you could make games so easily! I fiddled around with Unity, but didn’t build a full game, because I found out about Unreal Engine. I heard that its graphics were incredibly good out of the box (and it actually is), and decided to abandon Unity and move on to UE4. Even though I was familiar with Unity, the user interface daunted me. But I fiddled around, hoping not to break the engine. I learned a few things that way, and I was impressed. Since I so-so knew what the buttons did, the interface didn’t daunt me anymore. So I watched tons of courses to grasp it more. Learning UE4 was easy, because I was familiar with Unity, and I knew how to make game assets such as textures, 3D models, etc. But, there was something missing. I wanted to make money. We were going to move abroad, but it was happening so slowly, so I wanted to speed the process up. Then, my father gave me a superb idea (which I will not disclose) that involved cross-platform mobile development. So, I started to learn Xamarin (official site). The reason I chose Xamarin was that I had been wanting to learn C# too, so why not kill two birds with one stone? I (as always) took loads of courses and learned it, and now we are at present day.

There were more things that I messed around with and found interesting which I want to learn in the future, but I didn’t put it above because they weren’t too influential. Some of those were: Angular.js, React.js, jQuery, Python, networking, data analysis and mining, etc.

And also, I’m interested in chemistry, mathematics (and trust me I know a LOT of math), (quantum) physics, and science in general. Oh, and I’m 13. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Twitter: https://twitter.com/olcay_yaclo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/olcay.oransoy