Virtual Reality games and HMDs

VR is a game sub-industry which is, well, blowing up right now. It wasn’t too big before, and technology to make VR games were limited, but now, there is more technology to make VR games than you will ever need. The thing is, how do we test those Virtual Reality games? An HTC Vive is 900 euros! * dead * It costs more to test the game, than you get money from it! And, you have to learn to make VR games, understand how it works, so it will be a LOOOONG time before you can break even. And don’t give the “Oculus Rift is cheaper” excuse, the HTC Vive is ten times better than the Oculus. Besides, the DK2 is sold out. Gimme a break..

Hand controllers

The hand controller is a great idea, because what is the point of VR when you just look around, and give input from a keyboard from the real reality? It just isn’t virtual anymore. (Too bad that the guys at Oculus slept through the course of innovation.)

The controllers of the HTC Vive have trackpads, which is a nice idea too, to give more control. I think that the more input you can give (that isn’t given to something other than the HMD), the better experience of VR.

A huge problem with VR

A huge problem with VR is that, if you give movement input via walking, then you will most definitely, %100, guaranteed, crash into a wall, hurt yourself, and maybe even break the headset. And since going outside to play VR games is a really bad idea, you most likely have to turn Standing Mode on, and what’s the fun in that?


Basically, making VR games is hard, playing them is hard, but when you can, it’s so much fun!

That’s it for this post because I have to go to sleep in half an hour at the time of writing. Thanks for reading!

P.S. I am not dead. I just forgot to write posts for a month straight.


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