The procrastination problem

The procrastination problem

Procrastination is a big factor in productivity, and life in general. For those of you who don’t know, procrastination is to put a task off to do some other meaningless stuff instead. Basically wasting your time when you have a task at hand. And it’s really bad, so you should stop it immediately.

Why is procrastination bad? Here is why. By procrastinating when you have something to do, you are reducing the time you have to do that task. So that means your mean “work density” (work to time ratio) is higher. Meaning cramming, all-nighters, etc. That translates to worse results at the end of the task, and maybe even not being able to complete it!

Procrastination is even worse if the task is urgent. Let me explain mathematically:

Let’s say that you have two tasks at hand: Task A, and Task B. You have ten minutes to do Task A, but you have one hour to do task B. Obviously task A is urgent! If you procrastinate 5 minutes for task B, you will have spent approximately %8.3333… of the time you have, procrastinating. But, if you procrastinate 5 minutes for task A, you will have spent half of the time you have by procrastinating! The percentage for A is 6 times more than B! Also, the percentage for A is %50! That means double work density!

There are a lot of indirect effects of procrastination too. Because procrastination ultimately gets converted to all-nighters, problems can arise. Such as an increase of caffeine consumption, sleep deprivation, etc. These are clinically bad. Even worse, because they affect your actual health.

And that’s why you should quit procrastination immediately. I have not devised a solution to quit this menacing habit, but I will soon. In a nutshell, procrastination affects your productivity, your ability to complete tasks properly and your health.

That is all for this post, take care! (You get the message.)

P.S. In our country, semester vacation is coming up, expect a lot of posts in that period! The semester vacation in Turkey is from 23 Jan to 3 Feb.

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