Health, and its importance in productivity

Health, and its importance in productivity

So, I was sick for the past 4-5 days, and my productivity nose-dived like a plane that has equipped a half-core Pentium for a main processor. It’s bad. When you get sick, you never want to do anything other that lazily plump down and enter a cryogenic sleep state. Also, when you finally decide to man up and start working, you can’t concentrate because of the pain, pain, pain that goes on as long as the world keeps spinning.

So, on to the main point; you should definitely know the value of health! If you don’t, you might find yourself drinking ice-cold cola in a place where the temperature is sub-zero. Instant sickness. Also, some people think they are really careful about that sort of stuff, but they do this type of stuff too! Even though self-confidence is a good thing, too much of it is bad.

Why health is so important in productivity is that virtually every symptom in every illness slows a guy down, and so that person can’t properly do anything without getting distracted every two minutes. Here are some examples: headaches result in loss of concentration, pain in any part of the body makes you focus on the pain more than the task, stomach problems make you have to go to the sink really frequently, and coughing does all of these at once. Illness is a very bad thing and should not be under-estimated.

I was going to finish a course about Python that I had lying around, It was about five hours and I had all the time in the world to complete it because I didn’t go to school because I was sick. I tasked myself to complete it all in one go. The minute I started the course, I was distracted by my dizziness, my body getting cold even though the house is warm, et cetera. I was upset about that because I was really keen on learning Python, and I was really pumped to do it, and the course was full of new and useful information.

To sum up, true productivity equals health times expected productivity.

Image credit: WCFARRL


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